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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Side View

Pic taken May 28, 2007
For the curious, I must have the most boring pregnancy ever. I never had morning sickness, I don't have any weird cravings . . . altogether, no major complaints whatsoever. Hopefully I'll have a boring delivery as well.
Actually, the worst part is trying to sleep at night. At last count, there are two body pillows, two feather pillows and a comforter stuffed into a pillowcase all devoted to me. Poor Wayne gets the edge of the bed and maybe a corner of a pillow.

Happy Feet

On June 12, we had an unscheduled doctor visit. I was concerned about 'fetal movement,' so in we went. I was hooked up to two monitors, one to check for contractions and one for the babies heartbeat. After 20 minutes, baby was ok, but the doctor wasn't quite happy with the heartbeat. Well, one cup of juice and two minutes later, kick-kick-wiggle-wiggle-kick-kick-punch! and the heartbeat was much stronger. I guess I was just a little low on sugar.
And, obviously we are going to have to monitor kiddo's sugar intake! hahaha
For fun, here is a pic of baby's Happy Feet, taken at week 20.

Baby Belly

Here we are!
While visiting Mom and Dad F., we took some pictures of the 'three' of us. (I think these are the first pictures of the bump, and I'm at 30 weeks!)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Top Story

Wayne, Naomi and baby makes three. Baby is now 30 weeks; t-minus 8 weeks (give or take) and counting! (the picture is at 24 weeks)

For the curious, no, we don't know what we are having, but here are our name selections:

Elijah Townsend

Sydney Zenaide