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Saturday, June 18, 2011

call me what you will...

but those finger prickers for diabetes testing HURT!!!

I think appropriate pronouns would include:

Yup, gestational diabetes and I are going to become well aquanited with one another these last 8 weeks.  I've got my gestational diabetes diet plan and finger pricker and an unanswerable craving for chocolate...specifically Kemps Double Fudge Moose Tracks Ice Cream. 

Hmm...hopefully Self-Controlled is another noun I could be called.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vacation in playing with lazer light

Vacation in day

Vacation in TN...Hard Rock Cafe and the Finger Dance

Vacation in TN...

All Together


Scoop the dirt from your bucket into the sift.

Swish it around in the water, and ta-da, gems!

WOW, look at that winner!
(sydney is less than convinced, she saw the owner put it in)

Family time at the Gem Mine.

Vacation in pics

Elijah loves his LOVES it.

Elijah and Mommy and the mountains. 


Family again

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vacation in TN...visiting a little petting zoo

Going to the Exotic Petting Zoo...

Sydney getting scared...first of the goats, then of the braying donkey.
Daddy and Sydney leave the zoo...

Elijah checking out the goats.

Elijah likes the "big" until it starts to follow him along the fence.

Eric, Sarah and Elijah

Mommy and Elijah

Elijah trying to feed the cat his empty cup outside the zoo.

of course, playing with the gravel pile outside the zoo is pretty fun.

Sydney and Daddy got to feed fish in the little they still got to see the "Exotic" animals.

crashing after the zoo.

Cousin time in Sheboygan

Sydney stealing the lime light from Elijah.

Kaemi and Sydney

Cousins...getting three kids to look the same way is really hard.

Sydney found a quarter on the beach. 

Elijah walking out of the mist.

Finding a feather.

mom!  enough already!