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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

coolest hat ever

I saw a costume of the three eyed alien from Toy Story and thought, aww, that is soo cute, Elijah would look soo cool.  I think I could make that I did.


You read right,

In 1962, a chunk of Sputnik fell onto a street in Manitowoc.  It was dismissed by local police at first as being some slag from a local foundry.  They later connected it with the burn-up of Sputnik IV.  The next year, a metal ring was embedded in the road to mark it's landing.
A few years ago, some locals thought it would be funny to commemorate Manitowoc's link with the space age with a, this year was the 3rd annual SputnikFest.  And yes, it is supposed to be cheesey and funny.  Activities included space pet costume contest, cake decorating contest and even a Miss Space Debris Pagent.  Hey, I told you it was cheesey.

Still, we had a fun time attending SputnikFest earlier this month, and thought I'd share a few pics.

There's where it landed...the white paint is the lane marker, so the festival, which closed down the street, is one of your few options to get an up close and personal picture of history!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I say, a LOG-PULLER!!!

The title is for my dad.  :-)  A good Fletcher will know what movie this quote is from.

Can you fit a tree into your car?  Specifically a Chevy Cavalier?  Well, we can fit a tree into our car.

It started with this maple-ish tree in the front yard.

It was stuck growing up shadowed and practically under two enormous evergreens that are probably in the 40 ft tall range.  It was a poor looking thing that was growing all wonky due to lack of sunlight and the imposing evergreens.  So, we cut her down.

yup, even I helped.
love the oh so stylish head gear!

grrr, cut you dull blade!

the peanut (or rather cheerio) gallery was safe on the sidewalk in front of our house. (yes, that is sydney with a swim ring and bath ducky in a office chair in our front yard in 58 degree weather).

Our car was the LOG-PULLER of the day.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Elijah Taking a Few Steps

Isn't Sydney a great little helper?

Kites Over Lake Michigan

Went to visit with Great Grandma Z at
Kites over Lake Michigan.

Lots of Sand

And lots of people and kites.

See the large kite in the distance hovering over the crowd?

It's an 88 foot long octopus kite.