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Monday, March 31, 2008


Sydney the Flower Fairy

hungry anyone?

apparently we are not feeding her

enough. :)

7 Months

What a baby. i cant believe how the time is flying.
Sydney wore this dress on several particularily wintery days. we are demanding that spring come back, SOON! :)


aww what a cute family.
here we are, smoochin' the baby.
sydney kind of has that what are you doing to me? look on her face.
i was really excited about this picture, it is the only one we took with this pose because, as usual, the camera batteries died. thankfully, the picture still turned out pretty good.


Sydney really enjoys her squash. this is from a couple months ago, but it was too cute to pass up and i havent put too many pics up lately. so here it is.

sydney also likes the camera.

anyway, sydney is eating homemade baby foods now. we are working on green beans and carrots mostly right now. she seems to like all of them well enough. but i dont like the carrots, they stain really easily. so make sure ya use a bib.
you should definitely make your own baby food cuz it is a ton cheaper. baby food costs about 60 cents a jar. for a buck, i can buy a squash that will last for two weeks. hmmm . . . . 60 cents a meal or 7 cents a meal. cha-ching! :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

attack of the balloon

sydney is having lots of fun these days.

in this video, she attacks grandpa f's birthday balloon. she has had a lot of fun with this balloon, it crinkles, it is at the perfect high chair height and she usually wins.

sydney's latest accomplishment is 'walking' along furniture. she is a pretty fast crawler now and likes 'walking' while holding mommy's hands.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


tada! Sydney has spoken, and continues to speak. :)

it is so exciting to hear her start to make new sounds.

she also discovered raspberries. . . we like the 'ba' sound better, less spit.