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Thursday, October 29, 2009

photographer grandpa

So, my mom was taking pictures for Elijah's two month photo at the same time I was. Yes, we were literally standing right next to each other taking picture after picture. Then my dad comes a long and wants to give it a try.

He likes to get real close, and it worked out soooo well.

He got the best shots out of all of us. Look at the photo my dad got:
This one is pretty darn cute too. (Elijah is wearing grandpa's tie clip)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2 months old - Oct. 25

Elijah - two months, oct. 25

sydney two months, in 2007

Saturday, October 24, 2009

my two favorite pictures

these are my two favorite pictures of elijah's birthday. i didn't even realize how cool this first photo was until i cropped it in closer. i love mommy and daddy's hands on elijah. it is soooo cool.

while the cap (naomi) and face mask (wayne) are not the most flattering fashion statements, i do like this one too.

i re-discovered these two photos while uploading pictures to print. i have not printed any in a very long time...i printed over 330 pictures. opa!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

cuter than cute

Would you look at the cute Fletcher grand-babies! Elijah, Sydney and their cousin Kaemi. Kaemi is my brother Jonathan and, his wife, Abby's little girl. She comes and visits every other week or so, and Sydney has a grand old time with her.
cousin buddies
oh look, it's elijah

Thursday, October 15, 2009

bumbo chair

Sydney at nearly 3 months.

Elijah at nearly 2 months.

Look how much better Elijah fills the bumbo chair and he is more than a month younger than Sydney when I first started putting her in it!

red-eyed monster

don't make me angry...
you won't like me when I'm angry

look at those eyes...thank goodness for red-eye remover and computer photo shops! but, I thought it was funny to leave it for the blog.

what a kid won't play with

so, we're driving in the car and Sydney starts wanting 'that...that.' it took a couple of tries to figure out what 'that' was . . . she wanted to play with the ice scrapper. ok, sure, just don't poke your eyes out.

I turn around and first she was trying to brush her teeth! eww, Sydney, yucky, don't put it in your mouth! "okay, mommy." I turn around in a bit just to make sure it has not returned to her mouth, and she was brushing her hair. sweet silliness

little bump

Sydney and Elijah were both asleep... the same time
...and it was not midnight was in the afternoon! When I can do things I want to do!
well...actually I did the dishes, laundry, cleaned up toys (that I did not play with), and attempted to find the top of my desk (that is an entire blog in itself...I should do that sometime.)

Anyway, I was pretty happy that they both slept at the same time, if only for an hour or so.

What a cute little bump on a log. Look at those chubby legs.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

good deal

I love a good deal.
When I find an especially good deal, I love to try and get Wayne to 'guess how much I spent?' I get a thrill finding a good deal. However, Wayne knows how I don't like to spend a lot, so instead of guessing a reasonable price which I can say 'no, I spent even less than that,' lately he gives me totally ridiculously low guesses so that I have to confess, 'no, I spent me than that.'

For example, this Little Tikes Coup Car. I got it at St. Vinny's (St. Vincent De Paul) for 4.88 (yeah, I know, great price!), but what does he guess? 'a quarter.' men.
Anyway, Sydney loves her little car.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

who's reverting?

"Who's reverting? I don't know what you are talking about."

Uh-huh, sure. Sydney has done so well with Elijah. She doesn't get jealous or try to hurt him or anything. Since he nurses, I don't have to worry about her reverting to a bottle, which is a hard habit to break for some kids. Elijah doesn't take his nuk too much, so I don't worry about that for her either.
However, I brought out this Happy Hippo Gym that Sydney had as a baby to put Elijah in, and I barely have enough time to turn around to grab him, and there she is, laying down, batting at the toys and even making little fussing noises like he does, "eh, eh, ehh." Silly girl.

sleeping tigger

Elijah is too cute in his Tigger outfit. And since it keeps him nice and warm...he sleeps.
sweet sleep

baby punkin

So, Hartford had a Fall event this past weekend. I think it was supposed to be a Fall Festival...but that sound too big for what actually was available. The weather was cold and wet, so there were very few people and the 'craft fair' consisted of 6 tables in a walkway from main street to the public parking in the back.
Still, Sydney, Elijah and I braved the weather and attended. Sydney had a pumpkin to enter. They were giving out prizes for the best decorated pumpkin and every entry received a $5 gift card to a local restaurant's game room. I helped Sydney make her Baby Punkin using Mr. Potato Head parts. I think it looks cute, but I set the pumpkin on our doorstep, and I think, at night, that it could be the creepiest thing... especially if you are not expecting it. :) oh well. Sydney got 5th place out of 20 entries, so she won a free dinner at a new Mexican restaurant in town. fun

dangerous shopping

Apparently, Sydney felt the need to protect herself during one of our recent shopping trips. :) She really enjoyed wearing the helmet and seeing herself in a nearby mirror. She was a little upset when we had to leave it behind.

final garden products

Wayne was so proud of his garden...I was too. We had never done anything like that before, yet we had surprizing success. It is, as always must happen, getting colder here in Wisconsin. So, Wayne pulled the final veggies and uprooted the plants for the winter.

We had really successful Roma Tomato plants...hundreds literally, all from just 2 very enthusiastic plants.

After an initial 7+ peppers began growing in the early summer, we were only able to harvest 2. We we quite shocked a couple of weeks ago to find that our plant blossomed again and we got two more lovely peppers.

We pulled most of the carrots a few weeks ago for a beef stew that we made. Wayne pulled this little freak-a-zoid carrot and a couple normal ones that were left. We think maybe this one hit a rock and had to grow creatively.

Sept. 25 - One Month Pics

So, what do you want me to do? Cuz, whatever it is, I'm not doing it.
He has started smiling more in the last few days, but I couldnt get him to show is gummy grin this day. Oh, well...still handsome.

She's touching me!!!
I can just hear it mommy instincts are warning me of things to come...
someday, in the not too distant future, we'll be driving in the car, when from the back seat will come . . . "She's touching me"..."He's breathing my air"..."Move over"..."No, you move over"..."this cushion is my cushion"..."I'm older than you, so I'm right"...and then, as all mothers before me, and for all generations to come, I will say, "Don't make me pull this car over...cuz' I will!" :) ahh, good times.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

a real smile

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you a genuine smile. Not just gas or belly rumblings, it is a true, laughing smile.

and that is all i can blog, because the smiling baby is now screaming. that's just the way it goes.