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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

big guys and a baby

during my sister and brother-in-law's visit, we all sat down to a loverly ham dinner. Sydney was seated between daddy and uncle eric. it was kinda funny seeing the little squirt in between the big guys.
and here is a pic of the fam (as much as was here[i could be wrong, but that sure sounds like some terrible english . . . . . oh well)

visitors from OH

horray for family.

my sister sarah and her hubby eric were able to visit us this past weekend. we had a good time hanging out and reconnecting. it has been a few months since they have seen sydney.
the last time sydney saw eric, she was not too sure about her uncle. he had been holding her, facing away from him, while we sat at the dining room table talking and hanging out. uncle eric turns sydney around so that she can see him, and suddenly, baby realizes . . . hey, this is not my mom . . . i dont know if i like this very much. sydney's face just crumbled into the biggest pout i'd ever seen followed up by the ever popular wail. we were all laughing soooo hard. of course mommy rescued the baby and all was well with the world.
after that encounter, we were all curious to see how sydney would react this time around to big, and apparently scary, uncle eric. it would seem, all was forgiven and they got along swimmingly. sydney was especially fond of being lifted up quite high as uncle eric is, i think, 6-4.
anyway, love you guys, thanks for the visit

belly laughing, coordination and other tidbits

this is wayne and sydney's favorite pasttime. daddy bites at baby's belly and, usually, baby giggles. just adorable.

after a bit you see sydney's lack of crawling coordination. it's eiter the arms or the legs that are moving...but never both at the same time. oh well

there is something really sweet about the relationship between a daddy and his little girl. it is a powerful thing . . . watching big, tough men just melt, reverting to babble and silly nonsence while holding, as delecately as a man can, on to the little wiggling bundle that is their child.

Osh Kosh Squash

Ok, it's actually a Butternut Squash, but more importantly it is Sydney's first food beyond milk and cereal! And, much as i was anticipating 'eww' faces and big ol' tears, she actually enjoyed it (as you can see in the pictures).

just thought these were pretty funny. enjoy!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

meany head computers

i've been trying to upload a couple new video clips, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the computer is such a meany head. :) anyway, hopefully soon i'll be able to get some new pics and video up and running


dear faithful bloggers - all two of you

just kidding
a lot has happened in the last couple months. Wayne and I, and of course Sydney, recently moved to Hartford, my home town. We are staying with my parents while Wayne finishes up his Assoc. Degree at the local UW center. This came up fairly suddenly. I had just returned to work from maternity leave and after taking multiple looks at our finances, we realised we were in a bit of a bind.

dont get me wrong, we know what it means to live by faith. Wayne lost his job Jan 07 after continual problems with his good arm. (we found out he lost his job the same day we found out we were expecting about excitement). ever since then, we lived off my salary as an assist. teacher at a YMCA child care center. talk about a tight budget. actually, after tighting the financial belt, we were still didnt have enough to survive. but we pressed on where we were, watching God bless us beyond belief. He truly is our provider.

that being said, once Sydney was born, we figured with the additional child care, diapers and rising gas prices, i would need a 4+ dollar raise. i got 28 cents. nice.

well, God opened up a window for us to move in with my parents, which will allow us to save for seminary for wayne and take away alot of the concern of day to day living...aka rent.

now, it looks like both wayne and i will be getting a job at a soon to be opened walmart. hopefully we will be able to work opposite hours so that one of us can be home with sydney and avoid child care.

so, here's to a new year, new home, new jobs and lovingkindness that is new every morning.