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Friday, February 22, 2008

6 months

can it really be true!?! has it been six months since my baybay was born!?!

yupper! and to remind me how fast time is going, Sydney decided to start crawling the other day!
i came home from work (walmart) and she was with my dad. he said, wait there. and he put her on the floor. i said, hi baby. she looked at me, and then . . . it happened.
she started crying. but through the tears (she missed mommy and was tired) she did it! she crawled across the living room and it was, actually, pretty hilarious cuz she was crying so hard that it made her crawling very slow and diliberate. cute

Thursday, February 7, 2008

rubber ducky, you're the one

Makin' bathtime so much fun!

Actually, Sydney seemed more enthraled with the facet set on stream than with all her little rubber duckies floating around. Sydney has been sitting up better and better and is really starting to enjoy splashing in the water.

and here's the wrinkly feet to prove it.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Wayne's dad had knee surgury a few weeks ago. we went up to visit his mom and dad after the surgery. we visited grandma and grandpa and even went swiming in a pool. (pics coming in a few days). sydney had lots of fun with gramma and grampa. :)

Snow Baby

Wayne, Sydney and I went for a nice, brisk walk after opening presents on Christmas morning.

While we were out, we decided to give Sydney's snow suit a test. It works. :)

Sydney got some nice presents. She enjoyed them and the wrapping paper (it krinkles).
a few days later she was happily playing in one of her new contraptions, when things suddenly got very quiet.

poor sleeping baby.