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Monday, May 26, 2008

sydney noise

Memorial Day

What a lovely day it turned out to be. It was supposed to rain, but ended up quite sunny and even a little humid. We all went down to Main St. and watched the parade (it took longer to walk there than to watch it) :). We were all off from work so we grilled up some burgers and corn on the cob (yummy).

We played out in the yard for a long time while we grilled and ate.

sydney, like most babies, does not like the feel of the prickly grass on her skin. so we got a funny picture of her trying to keep as little of her body on the ground as possible. look at that leg lift.

We brought out a blanket for her to play on. she would crawl to the corner and just sit there or reach out tentively into the grass. there was no way she was touching it unless she had to.
so here she is on the tippy-toe corner.

and here are a bunch of up-close shots of syndey outside.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

the swing

well, dad and wayne put up a swing under the deck and i cant wait for sydney to use it. i was so excited about it when i came home on friday, that i put her in it even though i knew she was tired. i gave her a few gentle pushes and sure enough...she started crying...loudly. i smiled, talked the annoying, yet obligatory, baby talk 'you are just ducky-fine' but she shook side to side throwing a mini-tantrum instead. so, out she went.
we'll try again another day and post a picture on here later.

Friday, May 16, 2008

outside time and uncle jon

Here's Sydney playing in the yard. To keep her from eating the grass, we brought out her toys. She grabbed up a teddy bear link toy and began to suck on it's head. She has liked these toys for a while, but she has never played with it like this before.

She was sucking on it like a nuk and we were all just laughing and laughing.

Also, Uncle Jonathan was in WI for some army training, so we got to say hi to him as well.
Good luck at training Uncle Jon!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Hey Hey! I'm all caught up! whew. ya'll (that's right, all two of you) better appreciate the effort! 1 and 1/2 hours throwing pictures up on the blog to appease your visual addiction to sydney! just kidding. i;ve been meaning to put up more pics for a while but it is time consuming and hard to pick which ones to put on. yesterday (mother's day) we took 97 pictures trying to get anice pic of sydney and me.

ouch, take nice pictures

walk with me

there we go. also, sydney turned 9 months on saturday the 10th.

The Climb - may 10

we have an empty cardboard box in our living room for sydney to play with. it is pretty good size, probably 32" wide and 18" tall. i was sitting on the floor working on a project when i look over, and sydney is ON TOP OF THE BOX!!! i quickly grab her off . . . and start to wonder, how in the world did you get up there!?! well, she didnt tell me, but after a while, and armed with my trusty camera, i saw her climb on top of her car and lean onto the box.

she didn't make it back on, mostly because she saw the camera , so she got down and came over.
she is pretty smart. we often play back video clips to her on the camera and laptop, so now whenever she sees you with it, she comes over and literally climbs allover you trying to see the baby on the screen.

snowman towel

we broke out a new towel for sydney. this is a snowman hooded towel from great grandma z.
i love the second picture. this is a perfect shot of sydney's "probe" finger.
we call it "The Probe". when sydney is encoutering something new, she often 'probes' it with her pointer finger/s, a lot like E.T. :) instead of grabbing it with her fist to look at it closer, she pokes at it and trys to pick it up with her two pointer fingers. it's pretty funny

playground again - may 5

here we are at the playground again. this is a cute little playground just 2 blocks down the hill from our house. it has swings and slides and a fun alligator that sydney instantly liked . . . this time. last time i think she freaked out. (isn't she soooo stinkin' cute!?!)


i'm helpin'- april 28

sydney 'helping' mom sort out her clothes

i can do it - april 22

Sydney feeding herself some yummy peas.
-bleh, i hate peas. but she seems to be doing alright with them.

messy messy baby

time to get you cleaned up

a day at the park - April 22

i love seeing daddy and his little girl. just melts your heart.
fellow mamas, you understand

behind on sleep

sydney is apperently 'behind' on sleep. :)
i know, i know, soooo corny, but she's still cute.

i dont think this would be too comfortable, but when i tried to straighten her out, she squished right back up.

Great Grandma Z - April 14

Sydney went with Grandma and Grandpa F to visit Great Grandma Z.

Grandpa is behind the camera. Sydney had a good time, she looked at great-grandma's fridge with all the pictures of the grandkids, and now great-grandkid. pretty cool

spin cycle - april 10

So, i am attempting to make some dresses for sydney. first you have to wash

the fabric so it doesn't shrink funny once it is sewn together. So, here is sydney watching her future dresses go round.

the dresses did turn out cute, but i just realized that i dont have a picture of one yet. i'll post it later.

visitin' (great) Aunt Cindy- March 25

Sydney and Cindy (say that ten times fast) have not seen each other since Sydney was born. so, when cindy had a meeting in chicago, she swung on over for a bite at culvers.
sydney was having a great time.

emphasis on was.
i love her pouty lip. classic

anyway, sydney did recover and we had a nice chat.

Easter Family

here we are at church lookin' . . . easterly.

i love this dress on sydney, i call it her flower fairy dress. she got it from great grandma z. thanks great-grandma!

blinkin' and nod - march 18

all you can say is "awwwwwwww, that is sooooooooooo precious."
this is the way i found baby and daddy after i came home from work.