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Sunday, December 21, 2014

life's a learning experience

I'm in a class/group-therapy/group-counseling/course/thing. 
It's called Freedom Life Skills.
Trying to explain Life Skills (especially since I've really just begun) is a bit of a challenge, so I've copied a blerb from their page:
The first class is an overview followed by several weeks of what abuse really is and its effects on everyone. Denial, emotions, “dirty fighting”, anger, and tools to resolving conflict are highlights of what is covered. The course then discusses why we do what we do; “life commandments”, “arrested development”, reactive lifestyles, and expectations for the different seasons of life for from multiple family backgrounds. From there, the course covers relationships; shame verses guilt, forgiveness, and communication. The last set of weeks pulls everything together showing us positive models for love; friendship, relationships & intimacy in a healthy family.*
It's a 30 week class, 3 hours a week.  It's a lot of information, so I'm thinking of using the blog as a way to process what I'm learning/thinking about.

I guess I'll finish this first introduction to the topic with what I'm hoping to learn and get from the class.

I feel like I can recognize a lot of the things that trigger my anxiety and depression...and anger.  (It's painful and embarrassing to admit that last one.)  However, I am really lacking the skills to cope and work through the problems that trigger me.  I'm hoping to gain some coping skills and techniques.