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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Favorite Shirt

It appears I have a favorite shirt. I just want to assure the general public that I do have other clothes! :) I guess I just wear this one a lot!
This is some of the extended family that came to our shower.

Showers and Sympathy Belts

We had another wonderful baby shower, this one at our church. Poor Wayne was given a homemade sympathy belt (you know, the pregnant belly one a belt for men) and had to wear it the whole afternoon. He kept joking, "I don't need your sympathy." He also had to guess baby food; I think he got them all right, but they tasted awful.

Just a three more weeks!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

the Fam

Here's the family. (Jonathan is missing, but we still love him).

I want to take it for a walk!

We had a baby shower at my parents church, June 23. Here I am with one of the presents that excited me the most . . . the BABY STROLLER!!! I told Wayne, I want to take the stroller for a walk!

(for those of you who have looked at strollers lately, you will realize that you cannot simply buy a baby stroller, it is a travel system [oohhh, aaahh]. stroller with compatable car seat/baby carrier. [again, oohhhh, aaahhh]) :)