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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Luggies Exist!!!

The epic quest for the perfect diaper has come to an end. We recieved mostly Huggies and Luvs at baby showers for Sydney. I really liked the 'skirt' paneling along the edges of Luvs, but I liked the stretch tabs of Huggies.
So, I decided that I would (in my mind) invent a new diaper that combined the two features.
I call them Luggies.
The perfect combo of Luvs and Huggies.
Then, we bought Pampers to see how they worked out. And wouldn't you know it, Pampers stole my Luggies idea.
So, I guess we are Pampers people.

Sydney of the Fall

Fall in Wisconsin.
It's actually a bit brisk today. But I really wanted some nice fall pictures, so out we ventured for some nice pictures. of course we took 50+ pictures of sydney in the leaves and she didnt smile for one of them!!! She was so smiley and laughing just before we got outside, but the second we walked out, "ho-hum, i'm outside with nothing interesting to say."
oh well, she is still such a cutie.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2 Months

Here's Sydney. almost 2 months in this picture.
I (naomi) have been back to work for a few weeks now and suddenly there is no time for anything. I work with 4-5 year olds at a YMCA child care center. it is lots of fun, but exhausting. wayne and I are both involved at awana at our church as well. sydney has perfect attendance so far. she comes along and rides in a sling all evening, she sleeps through almost all of it, even t loud game time.
i wish i could sleep like that.
anyway...i guess that is it for now, got to go to work.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Visiting Minnesota

Sydney Says - I can't believe I'm at Mall of America!!!
We were able to visit some friends and family mid Sept. Hello Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Abby and Uncle Eric. Hello Bethany friends: Bekah, Jason, Righteous, Krista, Jessica, Ian, Rich, Jenny, Stephanie, Heather, Angie and all.
It was good to visit our college campus, where so much and yet strangely so little has changed. It felt kind of like Cheers. you know sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. anyway, God bless you all.

Look who's talking

Sydney has declared her vocal independence. She started talking a while ago and this was our first time catching it on camera. The quality is low, it is just the video from our digital camera, but it is still very cute.

Sydney is a vert smart baby. A few weeks ago, Wayne was away in Colorado. He gave us a call and Sydney happened to be crying in the background, so I held the cell phone up to her to say WAH to daddy. Wayne started talking to her and she stopped crying!!! She was listening and looking around.

I know all parents say it, but Sydney is one smart, beautiful baby.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Sleep Potion - a dash of daddy

Wayne just seems to have the touch. He can get Sydney to sleep even when I can't.

the power of the Nuk

Look at that sad face.

Sydney is a nuk baby. She loves that thing, it is like a drug for her. Seriously. She goes through withdrawl and when she does get it back, her eyes get heavy and she relaxes right into her mellow high.
Anyway, Sydney is a very expressive baby, this picture was taken just a little bit before the great big grin below.


I'm back!!! We were in the process of getting a new computer and then I went back to work and I just didn't have time to update, so here we go!

Hey Baby!!!
Sydney started smilling a few weeks ago, she is so cute. she also started cooing and "talking" too.