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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kill Code

I've got to share this funny story.

Over the summer, Wayne and I hosted a small group bible study called The Truth Project (awesome, by the way).  It references a documentary called Unlocking the Mysteries of Life a few times in some of the segments.  I thought it would be nice to watch this dvd as well and took the kids to the library one day to see if it was available.
I go to the row of computers used for the library catalog.  I type in "Unlocking the Mysteries of Life," the computer begins to whirr and search, then...turned off!  I thought hmm, must have had it's timer run out, or needs to reset.  I go to the next computer down, type in "Unlocking the Mysteries of Life" and again, it begins to search, then turns off!  I think to myself haha, it must be a kill code for the computers...or, it's a conspiracy, they don't want people to know the truth! hahaha.  
I go to the next computer, and I am not lying, it does it again!!!  Upon typing in "Unlocking the Mysteries of Life" the computer just dies!  Holy Cow, it IS a kill code, it IS a conspiracy!  Then I look down in time to see Sydney pushing the power button on the computer's tower which is stored below the computer table.  Good grief...there's a conspiracy all right, it is named Sydney-Trouble-Maker.  I quickly go back, turn all the computers back on, hoping they automatically reboot and go to the right page for catalog search and drag the kiddos to a more inconspicuous location with a library catalog computer, set Sydney on the table top itself so little fingers cannot cause porblems and type in my search words.  whew, the computer lives!!!!    But also does not have the documentary Unlocking the Mysteries of Life.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

anderson family photo attempt

So we have not had any good family photos in a long 8 months long!
So, I wanted to take some nice photos today at church, we wore coordinating colors and I even remembered to charge the camera...but we didn't have time to grab anyone at church to take a few shots for us.  Which means we had to use the timer for wayne and I and set the camera on the porch seemed to work ok for us...3 photos later, we had one that was good enough.

the kiddos on the other hand were another story...70 pictures later, these are what I got.

this one actually turned out cute as separate photos of the kids, cropped in close.

look this, no, turn around...over here!!!

Ee-wy-jah...wook ober der!

elijah and daddy...awe, cute!

Sydney and mommy...awe, cute too!

sydney, smile normal!!!   "cheeeeeese!!!"

come on!! can I get one nice picture of the both of you!!!

wrong way, guys!!!

I'm done!!!!

sad to say, but this is one of the better pictures because I can see both of their face and they are both in focus...maybe we'll try more next week.

Sept 25 grandma & grandpa kaemi visit

Abby and Kaemi came to visit Grandma and Grandpa F., so the kiddos and I went down to visit as well.

Elijah and Grandpa hamming it up.

Trying to get all three kids to look the same way...never gonna happen.  We went to a friend's house that had grown some enormous pumkins...200-600 lbs!
"Hey you kids, over here!!!"

Kaemi was mesmerized by the large pumkins, but spent most of her time hanging out by the little pumkins.

A little size perspective...Sydney and one of the largest pumkins.

below is the closest I got to all three kids looking the same way

After a while, Elijah and grandpa supervised from the side...

Then we went to a play ground.
"Elijah, come out!" You can't get me!

 awww...grandparent love...

then we went out for some lunch...and some frozen dairy product (code words for ICE CREAM!)
Elijah definitely appreciated the handouts from grandpa...
 ...and while Kaemi was happy with her ice cream...

...she didn't seem to quite graps the proper cone technique.

That is not how you do it, Kaemi.

All in all, a fun and exciting day with the family.