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Thursday, April 21, 2011

food goes in here

in case there was any confusion

sydney's smiley face

while I know she is at the age developmentally to draw faces, I've never actually seen her draw any before.
so it came as a big surprise to me when sydney came over and showed me her "two guys."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

tag, it's your turn to not sleep

that seems to be the game the kids are playing lately.  which usually means that I also don't get to sleep either.

Elijah, a.k.a. Mr. 5am, has seemingly returned to almost normal.  He has been sleeping til at least 6:30, sometimes  7:30...*sigh* those are glorious mornings.

Of course, this means someone must take up the slack of keeping mommy and daddy tired, and this task has been dutifully taken up by Sydney.  We had a bad storm about a week or so ago (tornado warnings and everything) and we had to camp out in the basement for about a half hour...Sydney had a death grip on our little flashlight the whole time.  All that night and for the next few nights, we had really bad wind gusts that made all our windows really rattle.  Her bed, while next to the radiator for heat, is also located right under a window.  So, she came into our room a few times each night and one night I just let her camp out with her blankets on our floor.  This event has lead to an amazing amount of distain for her own room.

Every night, when it is bedtime, she insists on sleeping in mommy's room.  "I no go Sydney's room, I go mommy's room."  Last night she was up til 11pm.  She kept coming out of her room and sneaking downstairs where Wayne and I were trying to watch a movie and just enjoy some mommy and daddy time alone.  Tonight, we've spent over an hour sitting next to her bed just watching her try to fall asleep.  It is Wayne's turn right now cuz mommy was going to lose her mind. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Mr. 5am and Miss I-no-sleep-in-my-room-ever-again do not do their little tricks at the same time, but it be nice if everyone took a break at the same time. 

so, in honor of "sleep" is a little video I put together about a year and a half ago...another time when Sleep was very far away.

Friday, April 1, 2011

no, I'm not kidding

Yes, I know it is april fools...I cannot help when I have time to post. 

We had an ultrasound on March 28th.  We want to find out the gender this time around (didn't with Sydney and Elijah).  Well, during the beginning of the ultrasound, baby was soo wiggly that the tech could hardly get any good measurements.  Finally, baby fell asleep and cooperated....until we wanted to find out the gender.  Baby was sleeping with one folded up so the heel was parked right
in the way of everything!

The tech went back and did a few more measurements, hoping baby would shift and adjust.  Baby did move a quick leg stretch then back in the way the little heel went.  thanks a lot!

We will be going back April 12 for another ultrasound...could not get great pictures of the heart and umbilical cord, so we get a second chance.

so for now,
It's a ............. stubborn baby.