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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bathtime started
out good and happy,
but quickly progressed
to a torture session.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a rough day

Sydney 'talking' to Grandpa Fletcher.

Looks more like she's filing a complaint, "I can't work with these people!"

Actually, this is when Sydney was 5 days old. She has a fit that day and literally cried for 5 hours solid. She lost her voice and everything. She was crying, I was crying, and Wayne didn't know how to get either of us to stop! :)

It was a rough day.

Oh where is my hairbrush?

Sydney the rock star!!!

Inspired by Uncle Eric in MN.

What's in a Name

Sydney Zenaide Anderson
We had names picked out several months ago. The meaning of the name was the most important part to both of us. I (Naomi) went through dozens of baby name websites. I first looked at the meaning of the name, then the actual name. There were lots of nice meanings, but then the name would be only so-so. (for example "God is gracious" is a nice meaning, but who knows how to pronounce Eoin [looks like a middle earth name - Gimli son of Eoin]).
Anyway, we liked the name Sydney. It means 'wide meadow,' - Not very deep on the meaning scale. But, then I started thinking about Ps. 23, when the Lord is our shepherd, he gives us green pastures (and maybe a wide meadow) to lay down in. We want Sydney to find her rest in the Lord.
Zenaide (zen-age) is Portuguese in origin. It means 'one who has decided to follow God.' When she puts her trust in the Lord and follows Him, she will rest in his peace and love. I love the meaning and the more we say her name, Sydney Zenaide, the more we love it and her.
Mommy and Daddy love you, girlie.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

life is beautiful

Wayne and his little girl.

The happy momma.

Sydney, like Australia

This is how we introduced our little girl the first few days.
(Some people hear Cindy).

We love our little girl. Wayne greets her with, "hey beautiful," and I call her "girlie."
Sydney is 5 days old in this pic.


Sydney Zenaide Anderson

8lbs. 13 oz.

6:16 am, Friday, Aug. 10th.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Come out Baby!

Well, we have a new due date.
We had an ultra sound Aug. 1st. We wanted to check the size of the baby. Wayne was 11 lbs. (For those who don't know, the average is 7.5). When I think of having a baby that big, I hum the Baby Belluga song. :) Anyway, we wanted to make sure our baby wasn't that big. The ultrasound gave an estimate of 8lbs, 3oz; with an error margin of 1lb. Not huge, but large. My blood pressure has been up lately as well. So, the doctor came in and we were expecting to talk about what to do when we get past the due date, Aug. 11. She said, well, due to the size of the baby and your blood pressure, I don't want to wait past next Thursday (Aug. 9th). OH! we both said. Wayne was really happy and I was really surprised.
So, we are going to the hospital Aug. 9th at 8am.
We've been ready for a while now. Lately, Wayne will lay his head on my belly and talk to baby, are you ready yet?, and come out, baby, come out! :)

Nesting - Code: GET CLEANING, Baby's Coming

Naomi's mom and dad came up on July 28th and helped us 'nest'. Nesting is an old-wives tale about the mom-to-be getting an overwhelming urge to clean the house, usually just before the baby comes. I think moms-to-be just think, This baby is coming, I'd better clean, NOW. Well, together we finished setting up for baby. The crib is ready to go, car seats are belted in and dad's homemade diaper garbage can is ready for...well, duty. I guess we are as ready as can be.
I wanted to put a picture in, but the computer is being picky...i'll add one in later.