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Friday, August 28, 2015

warming up the ol' blog

hmm, does it feel a little cob-webby in here? cuz it seems a little cob-webby in here.

I really enjoy blogging, but life is just, well, life and away it goes with or without you.

I find myself sitting here trying to quick come up with a witty yet deep yet SHORT post I can throw out there, but that ain't gonna happen. 

So, for now, just a gentle dusting off the keys, and preparing my mind to THINK.  I've never been much of a journal-er (except for missions trips), but I find I really enjoy it.  It slows you waaaaay down (it's very difficult to type as fast as you think, am I right?) and give you the time to process through and really understand what it is you are thinking about. 

see you soon....maybe?