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Saturday, June 20, 2009

which way is up?

Here is our attempt at a flower garden along the back of the house.

Sydney is supervising Daddy as he digs up holes for the future flowers.

Things go pretty well, until we need to put the bulbs and root balls into the ground. "Does anybody know which way is up?"

We didn't know either, so in the twisted thing went, and hopefully the plant itself can figure out which way is up, cuz we sure can't.

preping the garden

we are going to attempt a garden. all our little seedlings that we planted a few months ago...we they keeled over. they lasted for a few weeks, but it was inevitable that something would die, so at least it was just the little 20 cent seed packets.
so here is wayne and my dad getting our little garden area ready. we are making a "u" shaped garden and putting a fence around it to keep out hungry critters and sydney feet.


the view from above

daddy's little helper - so cute!

Monday, June 1, 2009

our gardening attempt

so we started off with tomatos and green peppers inside. this was back in early april...

in a week...we had life!!!

oh yeah, i can taste those juicy tomatos already

yup, those spindly little green things will be bright red tomatos some day... (with a lot of luck) i'll let you know in a day or two how well things went