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Sunday, November 9, 2008


the doll is mary.

it is auntie sarah's doll from probably kindergarten or so. the doll has seen better days, even when sarah first got it, it had seen better days. it was saved from the free box at bethel seminary when we were in elementary school. sarah loved that doll, jonathan however had a different view. fletcher kids will knowingly recall how jonathan wrestled and body slammed that poor mary doll around until sarah would rescue it while naomi would unconvincinly say, jonathan stop it.
well, mary has found a new person to love her. mary had been hiding in a box of sarah's left behind stuff. we thought sydney might like to see her, so out she came, and sydney's sensitive side showed up.

boots - aug

Sydney and her cool boots - i love these clod-hoppers on her...she clomps around in them and looks at her feet like, "why are you so loud?"