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Friday, August 28, 2015

warming up the ol' blog

hmm, does it feel a little cob-webby in here? cuz it seems a little cob-webby in here.

I really enjoy blogging, but life is just, well, life and away it goes with or without you.

I find myself sitting here trying to quick come up with a witty yet deep yet SHORT post I can throw out there, but that ain't gonna happen. 

So, for now, just a gentle dusting off the keys, and preparing my mind to THINK.  I've never been much of a journal-er (except for missions trips), but I find I really enjoy it.  It slows you waaaaay down (it's very difficult to type as fast as you think, am I right?) and give you the time to process through and really understand what it is you are thinking about. 

see you soon....maybe?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Phone Tree - Project Quilt Challenge

My Phone Tree quilt. 
about 24x24, I LOVE my wall hanging quilt.
I'm quilting from Manitowoc, WI. 
The tree trunk is actually a telephone pole, and the leafy portion is an awesome vintage phone print I found at a thrift store last year.
This is a challenge quilt for Persimon Dreams: Project Quilting.
Just a fun online quilt challenge I found.
I've been wanting to make a tree quilt for a while now (check out my Quilts - Trees pinterest board), so I was crankin'* excited about the challenge. 
(* crankin' - adverb. equivalent to very, or extremely...but more interesting than just plain old very)
I started out wanting to make a large throw size quilt...which quickly changed to lap size...which quickly changed to wall hanging.  I had a hard time deciding what to do with the background...I knew what I wanted to do with the phone fabric and telephone pole, but the background didn't get decided until Thursday night!

close up of my thread sketching style around the tree clumps.
Staying up til midnight on Friday and Saturday night was the only way to make it happen.  again, it was hard to figure out how to make the tree shape look like a tree and not just a cloud-like shape floating behind my telephone pole.  Pinterest to the rescue!  I looked up some abstract tree shapes, and found a variety of ways to streamline the tree.  I finished pulling the threads through this morning, then time for church, then had a frantic time posting the pic to the site...with 5 minutes to spare!
 I wish the pole had a little more distinction, but I do like it. 
I may add some hot pink telephone lines at a later time.