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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2 Months

Here's Sydney. almost 2 months in this picture.
I (naomi) have been back to work for a few weeks now and suddenly there is no time for anything. I work with 4-5 year olds at a YMCA child care center. it is lots of fun, but exhausting. wayne and I are both involved at awana at our church as well. sydney has perfect attendance so far. she comes along and rides in a sling all evening, she sleeps through almost all of it, even t loud game time.
i wish i could sleep like that.
anyway...i guess that is it for now, got to go to work.


  1. She is gorgeous!! I love all the pictures you've been posting. I'm sad that I missed you guys when you were here but I'm sure we'll see you another time.