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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

hard work

poor sydney. sleeping on the floor. we recently moved and i (naomi) have been really busy unpacking while wayne has been commuting to finish school. wayne is usually gone for a few days at a time, so i try to be the good wifey and get as much done as possible. well, babies sure take up a lot of time. :)
sydney has all sorts of rocking, bouncing, swinging things. after doing the rounds on her various baby items and a few failed attempts at just playing on the floor, she just wants to be by momma. so, over comes the blankets, burp rag and ever popular nuk.
she smiles and coos for a while. she can see momma. then she gets fussy. mom puts the nuk in a few times. then mom(I) looks over to see the beautiful baby sydney all cuddled up. asleep. yup, it's hard work being a baby.

for those who may be concerned, she does have a crib. :)

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