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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

visitors from OH

horray for family.

my sister sarah and her hubby eric were able to visit us this past weekend. we had a good time hanging out and reconnecting. it has been a few months since they have seen sydney.
the last time sydney saw eric, she was not too sure about her uncle. he had been holding her, facing away from him, while we sat at the dining room table talking and hanging out. uncle eric turns sydney around so that she can see him, and suddenly, baby realizes . . . hey, this is not my mom . . . i dont know if i like this very much. sydney's face just crumbled into the biggest pout i'd ever seen followed up by the ever popular wail. we were all laughing soooo hard. of course mommy rescued the baby and all was well with the world.
after that encounter, we were all curious to see how sydney would react this time around to big, and apparently scary, uncle eric. it would seem, all was forgiven and they got along swimmingly. sydney was especially fond of being lifted up quite high as uncle eric is, i think, 6-4.
anyway, love you guys, thanks for the visit

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