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Monday, May 17, 2010

rummage - o - rama

I love spring and summer.

That is when all the rummage sales start.

Wayne and I got to spend several hours together 'shopping' at the best city rummage sale. Almost 1 in 3 houses had a sale. We parked our car at one end of town and literally walked through probably 5 miles of city streets finding great deals.

Here are just some of the great outfits we got for the kids.

All this for just $2!!!

I even found some prefolds (cloth diapers) and covers at the last rummage we looked at.

And I bought a bunch of t-shirts and a flannel blanket or two.
I am experiementing with a new cloth diaper pattern that I want to create for young moms who want (need) to try cloth diapering but are on a very tight budget. (This is a part of a young mother's support group I am attempting to put together...I call it Little Red Parkas...more about that another time).

We bought a "Playhut" at the first rummage we stopped at. Wayne was the most excited about this purchase...I think Sydney likes it too. $15!!!

I love summer...for other reasons also...but rummaging is up there at the top, too.

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