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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

inspired by openness

is it ok for christians to struggle?
is it acceptable to be angry, frustrated, hurt, confused? at God?

This life on earth is hard...yet we spend so much time pretending that we've got it together!  God has really been orchestrating events in our lives lately...conversations, sermons, songs, even blogs, to remind us of our need for Him in our daily life as well as our need of fellowwhip with other christians. 
We're not lone ranger christians or superheros with no vulnerabilities. 

A college friend of mine just posted about some of the struggles she has been having and I was so blessed to read it.  While the details differ, I've felt a lot of those same emotions and struggles.  I was inspired by her openness.  For months now, I've been meaning to get more of myself onto the blog, but haven't had a chance.  (Even now, I should be packing for a trip!)   I've never been much of a journal person (except on missions trips), but am hoping that maybe posting more of my thoughts and what I am learning would be good for me and others as well.

I'm not the writer my friend is.  I don't "have it all together" and I often forget to keep God's perspective in my life.  But hopefully, in the next few weeks and months, I'll be able to allow God to work through some of the areas in my life that need serious fixing or replacing and post what I am learning.

One quick area is my need for companionship.  I'm not talking about with my husband (although he is 1 of the 3 most important guys in my life [the others being my son and my father]), I'm talking about fellowship with other christians in the body.  Sunday morning just isn't enough, and I am glad that I am realizing that!  Still not sure what God is working on in this area of my life...what the end results will be, but so far I have been amazingly blessed to have found a few ladies online that I chat with here and there who also understand the significance and need of God in their lives.  The worldly view of self as most important gets really old and discouraging...and impractical when you have little kids!  It is refreshing to remember Jesus first and to learn to let all the other things in life fall into place based on a biblical worldview.

well, that turned out to be rather rambling, but as a female person, I think sometimes I just need to talk it out!

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