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Saturday, March 12, 2011

a temporary non-cognisance of location

Growing up, dad never lost anything.
He would never say that we were lost while driving.
His keys were never lost.
Nor his glasses.

He was merely experiencing a
Temporary Non-cognisance of Location.

Well, I'm wondering when "temorary non-cognisance of location" becomes truly and simply "lost."

I've had a TNL (temporary non-cognisance of location) concerning my camera for a few weeks now.
I know, I know, I should really put a leash on that thing.  I've checked all the usual places as well as  a few not so usual.

~jacket pocket

~couch cushions

~behind couch (elijah's favorite "hiding place" for mommy's things)
~ridiculously mess craft and guest room

and some not so normal places:
~behind washer
~under couch
~behind tv
~inside the dvd shelves

So, that is why my posts have been lacking.  I like to have pics available for my viewing audience.  oh well, here are a few old ones.

my super crunchy cloth diaper from last summer...notice I am holding it at the bottom and it is able to stay upright.

Elijah's favorite "aat"  hat.

Sydney sleeping on the baby gym.  This is also last summer, Sydney has been nuk-free since December.  whew!

The bane of wayne's existance last summer, removing the clothes line pole.

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