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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Climb - may 10

we have an empty cardboard box in our living room for sydney to play with. it is pretty good size, probably 32" wide and 18" tall. i was sitting on the floor working on a project when i look over, and sydney is ON TOP OF THE BOX!!! i quickly grab her off . . . and start to wonder, how in the world did you get up there!?! well, she didnt tell me, but after a while, and armed with my trusty camera, i saw her climb on top of her car and lean onto the box.

she didn't make it back on, mostly because she saw the camera , so she got down and came over.
she is pretty smart. we often play back video clips to her on the camera and laptop, so now whenever she sees you with it, she comes over and literally climbs allover you trying to see the baby on the screen.

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