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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

What a lovely day it turned out to be. It was supposed to rain, but ended up quite sunny and even a little humid. We all went down to Main St. and watched the parade (it took longer to walk there than to watch it) :). We were all off from work so we grilled up some burgers and corn on the cob (yummy).

We played out in the yard for a long time while we grilled and ate.

sydney, like most babies, does not like the feel of the prickly grass on her skin. so we got a funny picture of her trying to keep as little of her body on the ground as possible. look at that leg lift.

We brought out a blanket for her to play on. she would crawl to the corner and just sit there or reach out tentively into the grass. there was no way she was touching it unless she had to.
so here she is on the tippy-toe corner.

and here are a bunch of up-close shots of syndey outside.

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  1. that last close up of Sydney is just AMAZING! She is so beautiful!