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Thursday, April 2, 2009

trying to rest in His hand

My previous blog ended up being a lot longer (and heavier) than I had anticipated. I'm sure some of you can relate to the dark times in life. My point was, and hopefully it came across, was to trust in God, even when it seems impossible. even when the raging female hormones are, well, raging. even (and especially) when life doesn't make much sense.

I wanted to post a picture of Baby Sept. '09, so here's baby.

I dont know how else the tragedies of life can be handled. Brianna, (a friend from college), if you read this, I check your blog occasionally and I always end up crying my eyes out, because i just can't fathom the loss you have gone through. I understand some of the inner turmoil you go through and i believe you hang in there same as i do, one day at a time, knowing that God is truly sovereign and loves us so much. rest in the father's hand.

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