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Saturday, July 10, 2010

very belated birthdays...

so, last month was my brother Jonathan's birthday, my mom's birthday, wayne's dad's birthday, my bro-in-law Eric's birthday and Wayne's birthday.  (let the record show that only three of the above mentioned people recieved presents [sorry...i am a bum] and only 1 of the three actually got their gift on their birthday.  [a huge bum]).
But enough about my bum-y-ness...we had a great time at my parents house last month with the family. 

There is the whole gang...minus my cuzin Justin...someone always has to be behind the camera.

My dad and Sydney have a very special relationship and tons of games and activities that only they can do together.  For example:  playing "telephone" with the downspout extensions.
Do you hear something, Kaemi?

"the whole conversation"

the grandparents and grandbabies....
and yes this is the best picture.  :)

so, all good fletchers have a slight.........ok, excessive........addiction to cereal.  We could go through a box a day easily and proably a gallon of milk as well.  My brother, Jonathan, is no exception.  He and his wife recently moved to MN and have not been able to find his favorite cereal...Honey Buzzers....a generic knock-off of Honey Comb.  Feeling bad for him and his terrible plight, nearly everyone got him a bag or two of Honey Buzzers...and several bags of skittles, another favorite.
Since returning from a tour of duty in the army, Jonathan puts ketchup, and lots of it, onto everything.  So, mom found him the awesomest (most awesome?) t-shirt.

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