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Sunday, October 10, 2010

anderson family photo attempt

So we have not had any good family photos in a long 8 months long!
So, I wanted to take some nice photos today at church, we wore coordinating colors and I even remembered to charge the camera...but we didn't have time to grab anyone at church to take a few shots for us.  Which means we had to use the timer for wayne and I and set the camera on the porch seemed to work ok for us...3 photos later, we had one that was good enough.

the kiddos on the other hand were another story...70 pictures later, these are what I got.

this one actually turned out cute as separate photos of the kids, cropped in close.

look this, no, turn around...over here!!!

Ee-wy-jah...wook ober der!

elijah and daddy...awe, cute!

Sydney and mommy...awe, cute too!

sydney, smile normal!!!   "cheeeeeese!!!"

come on!! can I get one nice picture of the both of you!!!

wrong way, guys!!!

I'm done!!!!

sad to say, but this is one of the better pictures because I can see both of their face and they are both in focus...maybe we'll try more next week.

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