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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sept 25 grandma & grandpa kaemi visit

Abby and Kaemi came to visit Grandma and Grandpa F., so the kiddos and I went down to visit as well.

Elijah and Grandpa hamming it up.

Trying to get all three kids to look the same way...never gonna happen.  We went to a friend's house that had grown some enormous pumkins...200-600 lbs!
"Hey you kids, over here!!!"

Kaemi was mesmerized by the large pumkins, but spent most of her time hanging out by the little pumkins.

A little size perspective...Sydney and one of the largest pumkins.

below is the closest I got to all three kids looking the same way

After a while, Elijah and grandpa supervised from the side...

Then we went to a play ground.
"Elijah, come out!" You can't get me!

 awww...grandparent love...

then we went out for some lunch...and some frozen dairy product (code words for ICE CREAM!)
Elijah definitely appreciated the handouts from grandpa...
 ...and while Kaemi was happy with her ice cream...

...she didn't seem to quite graps the proper cone technique.

That is not how you do it, Kaemi.

All in all, a fun and exciting day with the family.

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