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Friday, April 1, 2011

no, I'm not kidding

Yes, I know it is april fools...I cannot help when I have time to post. 

We had an ultrasound on March 28th.  We want to find out the gender this time around (didn't with Sydney and Elijah).  Well, during the beginning of the ultrasound, baby was soo wiggly that the tech could hardly get any good measurements.  Finally, baby fell asleep and cooperated....until we wanted to find out the gender.  Baby was sleeping with one folded up so the heel was parked right
in the way of everything!

The tech went back and did a few more measurements, hoping baby would shift and adjust.  Baby did move a quick leg stretch then back in the way the little heel went.  thanks a lot!

We will be going back April 12 for another ultrasound...could not get great pictures of the heart and umbilical cord, so we get a second chance.

so for now,
It's a ............. stubborn baby.

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