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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Somehow, I think (my) grandpa fletcher would be proud.

Picked this up today at a rummage sale.
18 Chord Silvertone Organ
oh yeah, behold the wonder.

It even came with a few chord books. 

Grandpa Fletcher (my grandpa) was always humming and playing music.  He often played the piano at our home when he lived with us over the winter months.  I remember the piano and organ he had set up in his living room...a larger organ with lots of pretty colored keys.  He played both of them wonderfully and was always singing or humming away to his favorite hymns.

Grandpa would always talk about the songs he would play. 
"Oh Nomey" (as he called me.  he'd always start off with           Hey Nomey, do you know me, Nomey?)
 "Oh Nomey, do you know this song?" 
He'd play a few chords. 
"It was very popular in the 20's." 
"I was born in 1982, grandpa." 
 "Oh.  So, do you know this song?"

Grandpa loved music and loved Jesus.  He passed that on to my dad, who in turn passed it on to me and my siblings.  I am definitely the least musically gifted, but still love music.  I've been wanting a piano for a while now (mostly for the kids to plunk on and see if they show any interest), and when I found this for 5 bucks, I decided it would do the job nicely.

sure, the Bflat chord button wants to stick on occasion,
but who doesn't love a good harmony.

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