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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

in which Naomi has a good day

today was a good day...

don't get me wrong, it was full of 'oppurtunities'
but all in all, we had a good day.

the kids and I went for a walk after supper.  well, a walk, bike ride and toy car push

 we stopped at every tree and looked for "squirrel nuts"
we found quite a few

The favorite was a nut we all thought looked like a heart...
(or a pig snout, I suppose)

anyway, we had a nice time.  sydney and elijah raced ahead to each tree, then stopped and walked around it giving kezia and I a chance to catch up.  We talked about the birds we saw, we talked about the noises elijah heard, we took turns deciding which way to was nice.

we got home and played limbo.
we discovered that doing the limbo is much more fun if you say "liiiiiiimmmmmmmbo" really slowly and in a low voice.

and if you are the right height, you don't even need to duck...just march on through.
elijah decided even if you are not the right height, you can just march on through.

 yes, we had a good day.

mommy loves sydney, elijah and kezia
(cuz mommy pig snouts sydney, elijah and kezia just doesn't make as much sense)

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