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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

baby punkin

So, Hartford had a Fall event this past weekend. I think it was supposed to be a Fall Festival...but that sound too big for what actually was available. The weather was cold and wet, so there were very few people and the 'craft fair' consisted of 6 tables in a walkway from main street to the public parking in the back.
Still, Sydney, Elijah and I braved the weather and attended. Sydney had a pumpkin to enter. They were giving out prizes for the best decorated pumpkin and every entry received a $5 gift card to a local restaurant's game room. I helped Sydney make her Baby Punkin using Mr. Potato Head parts. I think it looks cute, but I set the pumpkin on our doorstep, and I think, at night, that it could be the creepiest thing... especially if you are not expecting it. :) oh well. Sydney got 5th place out of 20 entries, so she won a free dinner at a new Mexican restaurant in town. fun

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