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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

who's reverting?

"Who's reverting? I don't know what you are talking about."

Uh-huh, sure. Sydney has done so well with Elijah. She doesn't get jealous or try to hurt him or anything. Since he nurses, I don't have to worry about her reverting to a bottle, which is a hard habit to break for some kids. Elijah doesn't take his nuk too much, so I don't worry about that for her either.
However, I brought out this Happy Hippo Gym that Sydney had as a baby to put Elijah in, and I barely have enough time to turn around to grab him, and there she is, laying down, batting at the toys and even making little fussing noises like he does, "eh, eh, ehh." Silly girl.


  1. Hey Naomi-

    this is so funny. My friend is having a baby so I decided to get rid of some stuff. I yanked out Trinity's animal gym and it was really a pull and tug for her to let go of it. I'm glad my kid is not the only one...LOL

  2. Naomi the pics of Sydney playing with her brothers gym is so cute. Right now Nevaeh is in the process of walking- she actually can but chooses to crawl most of the time- so when she does stand up and walk we make a big deal clapping and cheering. Righteous now says "watch me walk to momma" and want the same big deal reaction even though it has been a long time since she has walked- almost 2 years now. Oh by the way I have a comment on a blog you wrote a while back about fitting back into your jeans= WAY TO GO NAOMI! It always takes me around 6 months to get back into my old clothes and I have to wear my maternity until that point. I think that is so cool!