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Thursday, December 10, 2009

our christmas tree

I love decorating for Christmas. Every year, my mom and I would decorate the tree and house on the day after thanksgiving. Somehow, over the years my brother and sister worked their way out of helping, and I think my dad would go take a nap; so it was just the two of us. Having 'my own tree' these last few years with Wayne has been exciting as I pick out the ornaments and lights to try and make a decorating sceme for our tree. (yes, one's tree needs a decorating plan! last year I bought pink and purple lights on clearance after halloween and made my own tree skirt so that our tree is way cool with pink, purple and lime green colors on it).

anyway, since we are at the apartment and dont have room for a big tree (not to mention, putting up a tree and then taking it down to put back up again does not sound like much fun), we put up our little 'charlie brown' christmas tree.

Yes, this is literally the "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree...I got it last year at ShopKo. I think it is so awesome....especially since we don't have the big one up. Although, I wish I had some christmas lights is a little sad without the lights.
(yes, if you look closely, there are ants on the 'tree skirt'. it is actually a homemade table cloth with ants on one side and hot dogs on the other side.)

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