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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

this is a good problem, right?

we went into our house today (well, closing is on friday, so it is not 'ours' yet technically) and got some measurements from a couple rooms where we want to replace the carpet. the laundry room has carpet and we are going to try and replace it with vinyl, ourselves! yup, we are going to give a little 'do-it-yourself' remodeling a try. we are also going to replace flooring in two small bathrooms (they have carpet [as ernest p. wherl would say 'eh-hewwwww'].

i did a quick measurement in our room and it is about 15 feet by 13.6 feet (i know, amazing!). the problem is, the room is too big for a remnant piece of carpet. (to do this ourselves we are looking for remnants, which as a rule are no wider than 12 we will not be able to do this room on our own).

so, the room is too big...bummer.

that is a good problem, right? :P
this is a pic of Sydney's room...check out the carpet, is that not the most psychedelically awesome carpet ever! i love it


  1. Ya know...I love that carpet too! If I had a little girl, I would totally leave it too. You can always change it later but for while she's young and oblivous...I'd leave it :-)

  2. Hey Goofy-

    The carpet is just my know I love me some loud girly colours -LOL!
    You should really leave it in the room, atleast until sydney is old enough and she can choose her own style and fashion which by the way is just around the corner -LOL

    Good deal on getting on your house and your Master of Masters bedroom....haha :-)

    Love you all...
    Mara :-)