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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mastodon bones

Wayne and I have been cleaning up the yard...raking up bags and bags and bags of leaves and pine needles (we have two 40+ foot pine trees in the yard; needles galore!). Anyway, as we were cleaning up, I noticed again two funny little items in the front little flower bed. I always thought what odd little garden things. I thought what odd, retro mushrooms.

Actually, I called them mastedon bones!

I had thought of getting rid of them, but then one of the daughters of the family we bought the house from stopped by. She is in her fifties and lives next door to us! She was pointing out the various flowers that bloom around the house and we walked by the mastodon bones. She said that her brother had been on some board at the high school down the road. It is a huge, gothic style building originally built in 1923. Some of the points had been falling off years ago, and he took a few home! And there they stand, in our garden, presumed mastodon bones that have actual history right here in Manitowoc.
Here is a small pic of the high school. I'll have to try and get a better one soon.

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