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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

welcome to the world wide web

welcome to the daytime drama:
anderson family and the world wide web

last time one the anderson family and the world wide web it had been determined that the andersons desired to obtain the world wide web for their home. upon calling and requesting quotes for various services (itself a difficult task; getting a quote without actually signing up or being pressured to sign up for service) an internet company was procured and the family eagerly awaited the pending date when the necessary satellite dish would be installed upon the house.
the date arrived as did the appointed time (an elusive appointment indeed, in which the handyman would arrive between 12noon and 4pm). however, upon surveying the house, it was determined that the andersons would not be able to receive a proper signal.

Specifically, the courthouse (doomed building on right) blocked the signal from a tower on the local hospital and another large building down the block impeded the signal from the other tower across town.

grief stricken over the lack of internet surfing abilities as provided by the airways, the andersons then looked to the pages of yellow to find another suitable provider. finally, a company (whom shall remain anonymous) was selected. then the company was called. then, after trying to find the anderson home in their company computer, and two supervisors later, the andersons were told they could not receive internet from this company.
greatly confused, the andersons called again, and through the wonders of the overpopulated call centers, found a different employee who was capable of finding their address in the computer and confirmed that the internet could indeed obtained for the andersons. many service options and much taping of computer keys later, a basic service was selected. the andersons, oblivious to the pitfall that awaited them, opted not to purchase the company's router for $100, because they could purchase one at mr. anderson's place of business for $50. (you do the math)
service was not to begin for a few more days in order to line up with a proper billing schedule. so again, with great anticipation, the days crept by until the appointed start-up date. alas! no service was to be found! the $50 router could find the internet, but something was amiss and it would not connect. five technical support transfers later, the andersons were informed that their router was not set up to work with the company's system, but that they would gladly reconfigure it over the phone and would take nearly an hour and cost $100. confused and irritated at this turn of events, the andersons scoured the local technology stores searching for the magical router...but none was to be found.
defeated, the andersons called the big company back and requested a router be sent. two to three days later, when it should have arrived, there was no little box from the brown truck. waiting one more day, the andersons called, yet again, the big company.
but what horrors awaited them...the router never got sent!
with an apology and one free months service, the andersons were told that a router would be sent.
a great lesson was learned: always by the company's's rigged.
and so today, on andersons and the world wide web, we discover the conclusion of The Pending Router
it arrived.

ok, so i got a little carried away with the telling of the internet story, but, other than a little lame melodrama, that is pretty much how it all happened. anyway, we are super happy to be back online again, and i want to confess that i will get next to nothing done around the house the next few days due the internet.

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