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Thursday, March 11, 2010

why do we keep doing this to ourselves? - kitchen remodel

Ok, so kitchen "remodel" is too grand a word for what we are actually planning to do. "Refinish", "Redecorate", or "Face-lift" is probably a better term.

Basically we are going to be taking down the old fake wood paneling and wallpaper, painting the walls a dark blue, and painting the cabinets white...eventually.

For now, we are simply trying to get the old fake wood paneling and wallpaper down, especially behind the radiator which is currently out while we are waiting for new vinyl flooring to be installed on Monday.
We started pulling down some wallpaper, then realised there was another layer, and potentially lots of cracks and defects in the wall. (it seems each project just snowballs like should be soooo simple...pull off wallpaper, prime and paint; but it never is. why do we keep doing this to ourselves?)

Taking down the old wallpaper is proving to be very challenging.

The problem is that there seems to be two layers of wallpaper. And, in most places it is not simply one on top of another (which, while annoying, would actually be easier to take down), it is one top layer of wallpaper placed over the sticky paper backing of a previous wallpaper. So, we've got to pull off the picture part, soak through the first layer of sticky paper back, peel that off, soak through the second layer of sticky paper back, peel that off, then soak and literally scrape with a spatula the gunky residue left behind the final layer! As Sydney would say, "oh by gosh!"
I think it is going to take forever to get it all off!
You never know what the previous (or previous, previous) owner did to a house until you try and un/redo it.
I'm not bad-mouthing the previous owners...I know whoever buys this place from us someday will wonder, "what the he-eck were they doing?"
We all do things that others would wonder, "what were they thinking?" But, whatever we do, we are doing (hopefully) for the betterment of our family and home.
goodbye old wallpaper (i actually kind of like the blue paper...unfortunately [or maybe fortunately for Wayne who does not care for wallpaper] there was only a little bit left on the wall)

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