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Monday, January 31, 2011

a brief lull

sorry to leave you hanging...all three readers.  :-D

the appointment went well.  Since we are only 11 weeks along, they were not able to hear the heartbeat using the little doppler wand...which was actually a nice bonus because I got to see baby on a small ultrasound machine!!!  What a mover and shaker this kiddo is!!!!  holy cow!  The doc literally could not get a good heartbeat reading because baby was moving and twisting around so much.  Which is fine by me!  I love my active little bean.

Even better is that we are almost out of the first trimester with it's nausea and constant gagging at nothing.  (I cracked some eggs the other day for french toast.  The yolk from one of the eggs touched my finger and I nearly ralphed all over the kitchen counter!)  While I usually have really easy pregnancies, I'm definitely over the nausea.  I find it helps to eat a little every hour on the hour.  Ok, a little something is actually a whole bowl of cereal...or two, or a bagel...or two.  Yeah, I have not stepped on a scale in a few days because I am horrified at the number that may come up.

I still find myself thinking of baby Corey at random times and the what ifs.   But, I am at a better place now.  I acknowledge the feelings and bring them to God....and attempt to leave them there.  Life is crazy, but God is good.

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