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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Proud Wife of . . .

the new Produce Department Manager at Walmart . . .


the new Assistant Pastor of Discipleship at Trinity Alliance Church.

Both of these new positions are a huge blessing and answer to prayer.

Wayne's new position at WalMart means a full 40 hours and a consitant schedule!  I can look at a calendar 5 months from now and know exactly when Wayne is working.  With his old schedule, I could barely remember what he was working the next day!

Wayne was hired June 1st (I know, I am really behind in the times right now) as the Assistant Pastor of Discipleship at our church.  It is a very exciting developement in Wayne's goal of serving in a church full time.  It is very part time, so he still works full time at walmart, but he has already been encourged and challenged in his new position.

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