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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sydney goes to school

We've enrolled Sydney in 4K. 

Enrollment was way back in March and we finally today received our confirmation/placement letter.

We had checked out 3 of the 5 sites available in Manitowoc and I really wanted her to go to the YMCA site.  I had worked there the first year that they introduced 4K to that site and really enjoyed the program and director.  I also liked the extra opportunities that were available at the Y...swimming and gymnastics each week.  Not to mention, it is only about 8 blocks away.

Thankfully, the Y it is.

I'm hoping, once I've recovered enough from the c-section, that we can walk there most days if the weather is nice. 

I'm really hoping this will be a great experience for her.  A good introduction to school, new experiences with other children, listening to adults other than mommy and daddy, and just an overall happy time for her.

then again...
quote of the day:
I'm not a big girl, I'm SYDNEY!!!

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