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Friday, April 5, 2013

photo bomb....a lot of months in review

First day of 3 year old preschool (he loves it)
Sydney's first day of Kindergarten
 Went for a walk last fall, found an intersection where someone had "eye-bombed" a cross walk button.  pretty awesome I think.
 Realized I don't have any pictures of Wayne at his job, so there he is.
Sydney stole my camera soooo many times this past year....this seems to be a favorite angle.  she ended up getting her own camera for christmas.
Sydney is a Sparkie at AWANA
Elijah took a tumble into the metal radiator...he lost.  this was last fall, he still has a scar.
sisterly love
kezia hanging out at subway...we love straws
 trying out big brother's spiderman costume
a very failed photo session for her 18m pics.
sydney's winter concert.
mommy, elijah and kezia having fun
I did some sewing...
elijah drew a monster with 7 legs, he was so proud
 winter time waiting for the bus

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