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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Apparently I need to rethink my strategy

So, as you know we have been cloth-diapering Elijah for a few weeks now. I have to say, it has gone well and I’ve got it down to a pretty good routine of washing the diapers about every other day. However, for the last week now, every time I wash the diapers, Elijah poops in his current diaper! Every single time!! I only have enough diapers to do one load, so there is no second load to throw this ‘load’ into. Also, the currently-in-the-washing-machine diapers are often just far enough in the washing process that I can’t just throw it in and hope for it to get clean either. But, I also don’t necessarily want to have a poopy diaper hanging around for two days until I was diapers again. Grr.
I know what you are thinking. Some kids are very regular in their bowel movements and such, so I should be able to anticipate. Well, no, Elijah is not usually that regular, because although I wash about every other day, it varies on the timing. Sometimes morning, sometimes evening.
No. I think I know what is going on. The boy somehow knows that I am washing his diapers and waits until just the right moment to drop his load. Yup, that is it. The boy is so diabolical! Dirtying his pants just for kicks!
Apparently I need to rethink my strategy. Maybe if I just put the diapers in the washer, but not start it…that way he just thinks I am going to wash the diapers…yeah, that will work. ;)

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