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Friday, January 8, 2010

First Snow

We have received many blessings since moving into our new house. One of which we were especially thankful for yesterday as we experienced our first snow. Well, of course we have seen and experienced snow before! But this was our first snow at our house. Our driveway is probably long enough to hold about 7-8 cars…nice for company, not for shoveling! Well, someone from church blessed us with a snow-blower and of course Wayne could not wait to try it out.
We had a good time outside as Wayne ‘snow-blowed’ and Sydney ‘helped’ with her little shovel. (actually, I was just waiting for her to dump a pile on her head because she was trying to copy daddy’s method of scooping and throwing the snow. But she made it ok.) When we first got outside, Sydney went for all her summer toys piled up on the side of the garage, and had to learn what worked and what did not work in snow. Her little plastic golf set…too much snow. The chalk…not so much. The bubbles…a frozen cube at the bottom of the bottle. Finally, she found the sled and Wayne pulled her around on that.
Here is Sydney getting bundled up for the weather. :)
And here is our house...
A nd from another angle...
the little pink blob in the center is Sydney.

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