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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

baths are not so cool

We are getting tons of estimates for various projects around the house. When it is all said and done, we will have had 4 plumbers, 2 electricians, 2 exterior painters and 1 flooring guy in to give us estimates.
The most important project is actually the exterior of the house. Some of the trimwork around the windows has peeling paint, which presents a problem with our loan. We got an FHA loan which has it’s own requirements and standards for purchasing a home…one of those being no peeling paint. Thankfully, we were still able to purchase the home even with the paint problem, with the agreement that we would have the paint fixed by May 1. (peeling paint is a health hazard…lead based paint and all that). However, our house is a large old farmhouse, with two stories, high ceilings, and a very steep roofline (which, of course, also has peeling paint). So, we are not sure we want to risk life and limb to paint our roof-line 30-ish feet up; hence the painters.
The most exciting project is getting a shower installed in the main floor half bath. (here comes the baths are so not cool part). Right now, our full bath actually only has a tub…no shower. So, there are no showers currently in the house! (ok, there is a stall in the basement, but this ‘shower’ is right out of a horror movie…concrete floors, a lightbulb on a string and only about 5ft 6in tall…like this would be the shower you send your kids to as a punishment…”ok, I’ve had enough of your attitude, go get ready for bed and take a shower…in the basement" [cue evil laugh, mwah-hahaha-haa!] ok, it is not that bad, but pretty close, there is no way I would ever use that shower.) I don’t know why anyone would ever just install a tub with no shower.
I know what your thinking…taking a bath is so relaxing. Nope… soaking in a bathtub is relaxing. Taking a bath as a primary way of cleaning one’s self? not so much.
I’m not really complaining. We are truly so happy with this house. Little inconveniences like baths are such a minor thing…especially compared to the richness of God’s provision for us. I truly hope that Wayne and I are able to conduct ourselves as good stewards of the things God has given us…our kids, our house, and anything else God sees fit to bless with…even if it is just a bath tub without a shower.

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  1. FHA loan is really helping people. Good for you guys you found a perfect house for your family. That's how God works. God bless.