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Thursday, January 14, 2010

icing on the cake

so, yesterday was just one of those days.
elijah had done it again (the whole poo in the diaper, when i already had a load in the washing machine) and was not sleeping either. literally went the whole day only sleeping when i nursed him, when usually he takes a few 1.5-2 hour naps.
i had not slept well either, and was excessivly tired.
for some strange reason, i decided to put sydney in big girl undies (with a cloth diaper over...i didn't really want to clean the couch or whatever she decided to wet, but i want her to start 'feeling' wet). she stayed dry for an amazing 3 hours...then just before nap, when i was going to put her on the potty, she was already wet...and had pooped in her undies. so, i had more poo to deal with.
then, the icing on the cake...we go to the library and elijah got us kicked out! well, we were actually kindly requested to leave by a nice gentleman...elijah just would not stop crying no matter what i did. as his momma, i kind of tune it out (i knew he was dry, feed and taken care of) but he was getting a little loud.
i felt really embarressed and was no one's fault, but i felt silly.
and of course, as so as we head for the door, elijah quiets down and promptly falls asleep in the car.


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