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Thursday, February 25, 2010

do it ourself - Elijah's Room

Elijah's room was a little more work.

One of his walls had wallpaper on it that simply had to come off.

One wall had a particularly bad crack in it. it was actually on an outside corner and on an angled wall...nice and complicated.

But nothing a little (OK a lot) of mud couldn't fix.

so...the pattern goes. mud, mud, kilz, paint, paint. :)

And in the end, you get a lovely...I mean, MANLY room. the walls are a great great.

the observant observer will notice that elijah's room used to be orange and sydney's room was changed to orange. why not just switch their rooms?
#1 - sydney's carpet was just too cool and i could not come up with a masculine decor to match it.
#2 - i literally knew when we were looking at this house which kid was going where. the architecture of each room just fit the kids.
#3 - the oranges are totally different!

see, i even painted sydney's orange onto elijah's orange to show how different they are.

(sydney's orange is on the left)

i'm serious, sydney's orange is painted on elijah's wall!

the oranges were literally the same color...just a different finish!!! I picked out the perfect orange for sydney, was so sure it was so very very different...and it was the same.

oh well, elijah's room still rocks.


  1. Ahaha! I can't believe the oranges are the same! Toooooo funny!

    I love that headboard!! Is Sydney going to get that someday? It's too pretty for a boy!

  2. oh yeah...that is actually the footboard to the headboard wayne and i are using. it was in elijah's room from the move still. our room is going to be cool gray color with one wall a rich purple that goes so well with cool white headboard.