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Friday, February 5, 2010

what a way to run a railroad

just craziness.
(ok, this is a long post...there are pictures in other posts below...this one is just lots of words)

so, we bought our first home back on Dec. 18th. (homeownership is great...we were even excited to get our first bills in the mail, just to see what our total monthly cost was going to be and so on.) our first montly payment was due Feb. 1st, and as the month of January rolled on, we debated how early to send out our first mortgage payment. not too soon, not too late

we had our mortage through 'company A,' but even before our first payment was due, our mortgage was sold to 'complany B.' no big deal, aparently that happens fairly often. we were pretty excited (about paying a bill!?! i know, what is wrong with us :P ) and we wanted everything to go well, so we sent the check out to Van Ives, CA as indicated by the paperwork we had received.

That was Jan 18th.

On Jan 19th we received paperworks from 'company B' again informing us of the address we were to send our check to...somewhere in TEXAS! umm...what happened to Van Ives, CA!?!

So, we were not quite sure what to do. We decided to wait a few days...surely the check would get forwarded to the correct fast can an address go bad?

Wayne checked our account online daily, and the check was not clearing. hmm...

After a week, he began calling 'company B' trying to figure out what happened/what to do about the check.

do we wait a little longer? do we send another check? do we stop payment on the first check and send different check? did the check ever arrive anywhere? is it just sitting on someone's desk? what to do!

we started to get just a little frustrated with not knowing what to do. our check was sent on time, to the place we were told to send it.

the payment was due Feb 1. well, that came and went, and the check did not clear. we are still ok because there is a 15 day grace period...but that is the whole reason we sent out the check early, so that it would arrive on time and we would not look like schmucks sending in our very first mortgage payment late!


again, we called company B...what do we do? where is our check? why did we recieve the wrong address?

we had looked into putting a stop on the check...but that cost 20 bucks. looks like that is what we are going to have to do.

Feb. 4th - yesterday - we have to put a stop payment on check...which we have to do in person...back in hartford an hour and a half away. yeah, we sent our first payment using a check from our old account which we still had some money in. i think we left it open because it was a verified account and address for our downpayment.

anyway, we had no way to recieve a scan/fax or way to send one back, so we decided that i would buzz down for the day, stop payment on the check and visit with my parents.

we also sent out a new check to the new address. overnight, delivery confirmation - $18.25...nice

Feb. 5 - today - so, i go to the bank..."hi, i have to stop payment on a check." the paperwork was already (we had called the day before) and so all they needed was a signiture...literally 5 seconds of work...after driving for 1 1/2 hours. oh well, at least we know that everything is going to be ok...
minus $20 to stop payment, $18.25 to send a new check, and $25 in gas

and then wayne calls me in hartford..........the check, the first one we sent out to California, is back at our house.

apparently the check went to Van Ives, as it was supposed to, and the office was no longer there! it had relocated to Los the check goes to LA. For some reason, they did not know whose mortgage the check was supposed to go to. (i wouldn't have thought there were that many wayne and naomi anderson combos inthe world, but what do i know). We had info with it indicating the house's address, our names, even the mortgage account number...but apparently that was not enough.
so, after sitting there for an indeterminant amount of days, they tried to return our check...but it went to our old address in hartford because that was the address on the check from our old bank account. so, then the post office had to re-route it to our current address...hence arriving today after a two and a half week tour of the country.

what a way to run a railroad........or mortgage company


  1. We had some of that same craziness...when our mortgage was sold to US home mortgage, it said in the paperwork to not mail something ot them until they sent paperwork...but that is confusing. What if the old company gets my check but they don't want it because the loan is already sold but the new company may not have our info all straightened out...frustrating... Hope all else is well at home! Love you!

  2. Hey Goof-

    I love the "surprised" look on Elijah's face in your home page photo.....very funny!

    -mara :-)